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Best Computer Programming Courses

Best Computer Programming Courses

Top computer programming courses are always in demand. Mainly now. Let’s learn about the list of best computer courses present now that you can follow. Before in-depth into the content, let’s fast discuss how everything started and where the future is heading.

Computer programming is always included. 20 years ago, no computer science candidates would have visualized machine learning to progress so far that it would be present so far that it would be present in the homes of common people. But for the last 5 years, machine learning has become a hot topic in the tech world and many people are employing data scientists and machine learning researchers to set up and secure their systems.

With the advancement of computer programming languages, it is clear that there will be certain computer programming languages that go outdated in modern times. New programming languages put them back and it would be beneficial for students to take up online programming courses and learn programming online to accurately brandish in the tech world.

Here are some of the top computer programming courses that are sovereign the present tech industry and which students should try to go for if they desire to learn programming online:

Top Computer Programming Courses to get a High Paying Job

1. Python

Python is one of the top computer programming courses in India & a computer language that is fairly trending these days since it has machine learning elements unified with it. A course of Python would educate you on the essentials of Pythons and how you can utilize it to do your basic coding. If you are someone who has a diminished knowledge on computers, coding and programming, then you will simply get a hang of Python and learn programming online.

2. R and Software Development

The R language is a particular language which is simply useful in data science. R Language assists you to manage complex data, design packages and tailor-made your own data envisage. In most online programming courses concerning R, you will learn about R, the development enactment used for building these tools and how to make R work in team-based settings.

3. Fundamentals of Java Programming

If you had taken computers in your school, then you doubt you know a bit about Java. Java is one of the top computer programming courses in India and it is simply a basic program which assists students get a grasp of the complex world of programming. With online computer programming courses of Java, you should be able to build foundational skills needed for any software engineer that involves resolving real-world problems, designing various algorithms and debugging.

4. Web Development or Full Stack Developer

The demand for Full Stack Developers is on the increase in the present world. A full stack developer is a specific person who works both back-end and front-end for web development or app development. A course to become a Full Stack Developer would include learning of HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Python, MySQL and so much more.

5. Google Cloud Platform Architecture

Online programming courses associated with Google Cloud are more related to the deployment of solution-based elements such as solutions based on infrastructure components such as application services, network, etc. It assists in the utilizing of practical solutions which includes encryption keys, access management, etc.


6. JavaScript

If you do not want to be a Full Stack Web developer, but still want to work on web development, then you may have to begin off with JavaScript. It is necessary to know how JavaScript works and recognize the fundamental concepts behind JavaScript.

The course will teach you what closures, IIFEs, Prototypal inheritances, etc. It will also assist you to debug your project from your own home. You will be able to understand the source code of frameworks in JavaScript and design your own JavaScript library or framework.

7. Angular 6 

If you want to amp up your game and build reactive and astonishing web applications, then you have to master Angular 6. Angular 6 is a heir of the famed Angular.js and it will assist you understand directives, elements, routings, HTTP access, etc.

8. Redux and React

Redux and React are two main areas that any app developer should put their prominence on. If you are someone who wants to make your own app or want to work for a company and build an app, then make Redux and React your friends.

Pursuing a course in React and Redux, you can learn how to develop various apps which acquire its support from Webpack, ES6, and NPM. It will assist you understand the core behind how React components are designed and about the various structure based applications of Redux.

9. Android N Developer

Are you someone who loves to take in the new apps popping up in Google Play feeds? Do you want to learn to build apps on your own? Then, you can begin your expedition by learning how to build an app with Android 7 Nougat. By studying app development in Android, you can develop your own Android app such as WhatsApp and Uber. In online programming courses of Android App development, you will also learn how you can market your app effortlessly on the internet.

10. iOS 11 and Swift Developer

Most people realize that Android and iOS use various procedures and in consequence, they have various strategies of app development. If you are an Apple fan and desire to develop apps for iOS, then you have to go for Swift 4 and Xcode 9 to develop apps with ARKit and CoreML. By mastering Swift 4 and Xcode 9, you can become a professional developer for the iOS platform. You can build apps for organizations and become a freelancer proceeding up developer jobs.

11. Node.js Developer

If you desire to build authentic network-based applications, then Node.js can be a great beginning. By mastering Express, MongoDB, Mocha and other such type of software, you will be able to develop, test and eventually exploit astonishing manufacturing applications in real-time.

You require to master these platforms first before you can take a turn to become a professional Node developer. Node is a huge field and you can expect to face a lot of challenges. Courses on Node.js will assist you leap over these hurdles and hone your skills in Node.js.

12. C++ and Unreal Engine Developer Course

If you like both coding and programming, then C++ and Unreal Engine Developer courses are just for you. The Unreal Engine is a popular tool in most modern gaming and they are still known to use the famous C++. C++, such as Java, is simply a basic tool used to set-up the foundation of computer science students. By mastering industry-standard C++, you will be able to develop your own games using the Unreal engine. You can be a beginner too and yet gain an amazing skill from this course.

13. Master Jenkins

If you are attentive to learn about Master Jenkins, then you should opt for a course in Master Jenkins. It will assist you to understand the Jenkins build pipeline, how to set it up, continuous examinations as in building, testing and static analyses and then continuous deployment which involves put on and production. So, all-inclusive, you get quite a good look into Master Jenkins and how it works.