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Multimedia & Animation

Multimedia & Animation

Bachelor of Multimedia Communication (BMMC)

Bachelor of Multimedia Communication (BMMC) is a three-year undergraduate program which is builded to design artistic and creative concepts among students. The key subjects of the BMC program are graphic design, visual design, 3D concepts, animation, lighting, and texturing.

Students are also made intimate with the applications of design, video techniques, and how to build visual communication and successful web design for the website. It also offers students professional training in the field of advanced art, video & shooting techniques for the better knowledge of animation and visual effects in the multimedia field. The major aim of the course is to prepare aspirants for the media industry.

Bachelor of Multimedia Communication (BMMC) Eligibility Criteria

BMMC Admission Process

Bachelor of Multimedia Communication (BMMC) Syllabus

First Year:

Second Year:

Third Year:

Bachelor of Multimedia Communication (BMMC) Career Options and Job Prospects

There are lots of career options you can select after completing the BMMC course. Interested students can go for further studies like M.A. and MBA. Also, there are many job opportunities accessible for multimedia graduates. Top enrolling companies in the field of multimedia communication are publishing houses, advertising companies, media houses, television studios, content companies, education companies, IT companies, advertising graphics, and new media. The annual salary package of a graduate is between Rs. 2 lakh to Rs. 8 lakh.

Following is the list of famous job roles for BMMC graduates: